Keeping Mommy near…

When “Bug” came   to live with us, I experimented many times with how to deal with this issue, of a child remembering  her missing parent. Knowing how visual children are, I knew she needed photos, and so I started going through all my photos, choosing ones where “Bec” was smiling. I don’t remember how many sets we went through, trying them in zippy bags, small photo albums, etc. A 2 year old can be really hard on pictures!!!! I settled on laminating pouches you can get at any store. We printed off the pics,trimmed them,  insterted them in the pouches and they were good to go. They have lasted thru slobbery chewing, messy hands, spilt drinks and snack crumbs. “Bug” has pictures of mommy in her diaper bag, in her play purse and in her room. She can transport them where ever she goes and I can find then quickly!  I have other pictures hung up like anyone else would.


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